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40 under 40 International Arbitration (2018)

40 under 40 International Arbitration (2018) ampliar imagen

  • González-Bueno, Carlos. Editor
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    • Editorial: Dykinson
    • ISBN: 978-84-9148-587-2
    • Páginas: 522
    • Dimensiones: 18 cm x 25 cm
    • Plaza de edición: Madrid , España
    • Encuadernación: Cartoné
    • Idiomas: Inglés
    • Fecha de la edición: 2018
    • Edición: 1ª ed.

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    Resumen del libro

    The importance of this book can hardly be overstated. 40 bright and experienced practitioners, below 40 years of age, coming from all continents, almost half of them women, is an almost perfect image of the arbitration world of tomorrow. Achieving greater gender, generational and regional diversity is fundamental condition for maintaining trust in arbitration as a global system of justice and as a fair and legitimate means of resolving international business disputes with globalization and the rise of emerging markets, in particular in Asia and Africa, arbitral institutions need to reach out to a much broader population of arbitrators of diverse origins and experiences if it wants to meet the needs of the users of arbitration in the decades to come.


    This book brings together forty authors who are among the most promising rising stars in international arbitration. The topics elected by the authors go to the fundamentals of arbitration, such as due process, independence and impartiality the role of good faith, and human rights. The book also addresses  in a talented and often innovative way novel questions such as the role of psychology in arbitration, cognitive biases, third-party funding or the way in which technology will transform our profession in the years to come. My only wish is to see further editions of this remarkable book, and to see more authors from Africa and Asia amongst its future authors. I have no doubt that Carlos González-Bueno will heed this call. We should all be grateful to him for this remarkable initiative, which will greatly contribute to open the door to the new generation of arbitrators.

    (Alexis Mourre)


    Foreword by Alexis Mourre

    President, ICC International Court of Arbitration

    Independent Arbitrator


    Editor’s Biography

    Foreword by Alexis Mourre

    Editor’s note


    Unmeritorious challenges: is it time to say enough?, Chistian Albanesi

    What would have happened if? The role of hypothesis, assumptions, good faith estimates and speculation in determining the quantum of damages, Derek A. Soller

    Increasing transparency and diversity in arbitrator election: the givers’ proposal, Elisa Vicente Maravall

    Duties of good faith. The challenge of a mixed civil and common law tribunal, Jennie Wild

    Cognitive biases: what are they, do they affect arbitrators, and if so, can that influence be avoided?, José M. Figaredo

    Double-hating in international commercial arbitration?, María Angélica Burgos

    Recognition of an unenforceable award: the art of drafting requested reliefs, Seokchun Yun


    Dispositive motions in international arbitration: a move from ‘can we’ to ‘should we’, Gretta L. Walters

    Restoring efficiency to international arbitration: five core recommendations, Ina C. Popova

    Are international arbitration agreements suitable drafted?, José Ángel Rueda García

    Allocating costs to Foster efficiency and fairness, Luis Fernando Rodríguez

    Efficiency and costs in international arbitration, María Juliana Muci Richa

    Choosing your rules: considerations when drafting arbitration clauses, Margaret Ciavarella

    Fast-track arbitration: back to basics?, Rute Alves

    Time is Money: techniques for less costly and more expedited arbitral proceedings, Silvia M. Marchili


    Dealing with non-existing claimants: challenges and solutions, Antonio Gordillo Fernández de Villavencio

    Winds of change? Confidentiality and transparency in international commercial arbitration, Emily Hay


    The use of document production as a strategic tool in international commercial arbitration, Juan C. García

    Remedying breaches of representations and warranties – English and Polish Law perspectives, Michal Jochemczak

    Early dismissal of unmeritorious claims and defences in international arbitration, Nicolás Costábile


    Court assistance in acquiring evidence in international arbitration, Rahul Donde

    Ten things to consider when seeking adverse inferences in international arbitration, Sam Luttrell

    Privilege in international arbitration, Zara Shafruddin


    Formally involving new stakeholders in arbitration: revisting the tribunal secretary, Annie Lespérance

    Why haven't we seen more international human rights law issues in international investment arbitration?, Ari D. MacKinnon

    The use of technology in international arbitration, Emma Martin

    Review of emergency arbitral relief - Recent developments in us case law, Erin Thomas

    The future of cross-border disputes settlement: back to litigation?, Giulio Palermo

    International tax arbitration: recent developments and forthcoming improvements, John Adam

    Price revision in long-term energy contracts: when is it possible to adjust prices or modify the terms of a long-term energy contract under Swiss law?, Sebastiano Nessi

    Delivering justice or resolving the dispute?, Simon Greer

    Cross currents? How national ethics rules affect international arbitration, Stephan Adell


    Minimising the risk of annulment or refusal of recognition of a commercial arbitration award on the grounds of public policy, Beverly Timmins

    Two heads are better than one: parallel contract and investment traty claims, Caroline S. Richard

    What's Law got to do with it? The role of governing Law in international commercial arbitration, Jennifer L. Permesly

    Enforcement of annulled arbitral awards in the United States: discretion to confirm an arbitral award constrained by principles of comity, Maria Slobodchikova

    Recovering the costs of third-party funding - From impossible to plausible, Sebastian Mejia FCIArb

    The arbitral process: procedural issues in cases alleging corruption, Soledad G. O'Donnell

    International commercial arbitration and anti-corruption statutes, Susan Keller-Garcia

    International commercial arbitration and parallel criminal proceedings, Théobald Naud

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