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Artificial intelligence and human rights

Artificial intelligence and human rights ampliar imagen

  • Miranda Gonçalves, Rubén. Coordinador
  • Partyk, Aleksandra . Coordinador
  • Miraut Martín, Laura. Editor
  • Zalucki, Mariusz . Editor
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    • Editorial: Dykinson
    • ISBN: 978-84-1377-817-4
    • ISBN electrónico: 978-84-1377-817-4
    • Páginas: 489
    • Plaza de edición: Madrid , España
    • Idiomas: Español, Inglés
    • Fecha de la edición: 2021
    • Edición: 1ª ed.

    Información detallada:

    Resumen del libro

    We are publishing this book as the result of a research project carried out by the University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria in Spain and AFM Krakow University in Poland. Some parts of it were already announced during a scientific Conference organised remotely in Kraków in October 2020. It is now time to present the research findings in writing.
    The issue of Artificial Intelligence has long raised questions and interests, including those of legal science. A number of problems have not yet been widely analysed, despite the fact that the present time is undoubtedly a time of technological challenges. Therefore, in the presented publication, prepared by the international scientific community, under our scientific guidance, the authors try to analyse the areas which, in their opinion and in our opinion, required such analysis. The leitmotif of our scientific work was human rights and their relationship with Artificial Intelligence. In presenting the research results in this book, we realise that a number of issues still need to be clarified. Nevertheless, we hope that the work presented for the reader’s consideration will constitute an interesting voice in the discussion, a point of reference for all those dealing with the legal issues of new technologies and the protection of human rights.
    As the presented book is a collective work, the authors essentially present their own views. The whole work has been designed to address a broad spectrum of issues in Artificial Intelligence and human rights in a single collection. We are convinced that such a broad view will allow everyone interested in the discussed issues to see the essence of contemporary problems faced by the science of law in a multinational perspective.
    We encourage everyone to read the book!
    Laura Miraut Martín
    Mariusz Zalucki


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    Introductory Remarks

    Computers in gowns and wigs. Some remarks about a new era of judiciary? / Mariusz Zalucki

    New realities, new rights. Some reflections on the need to safeguard personal data / Laura Miraut Martín

    Inteligencia artificial y derechos humanos: Una solución a los conflictos éticos y morales a través de una regulación normativa futura / Rubén Miranda Gonçalves

    Judge’s e-assistant in common courts / Katarzyna Jasinska

    Artificial intelligence and the administration of justice – remarks on independent judges / Aleksandra Partyk

    Artificial intelligence vs human intelligence / Maria Stefania Cataleta

    AI-voting? A few words about the role of algorithms in elections / Beata Stepien-Zalucka

    Emotions and artificial intelligence / Julia Stanek

    El nuevo marco de protección de los ciberdatos personales en Brasil como derechos humanos / Edson Luiz Peter - Aline Milanski

    Children’s rights to privacy and data protection in the online environment / Ramona Duminica - Andra Nicoleta Puran

    The use of artificial intelligence by social media companies for content moderation: a look at the international human rights framework on the right to freedom of expresión / Lucas Moreira Alcici

    Artificial intelligence in the field of human assisted reproduction and its limits from a human rights point of view / João Proença Xavier. Silvia Vilar González

    Artificial intelligence and the development of deepfake technologies as modern threats to human rights / Norbert Tulak

    O direito humano à educação e as novas tecnologias: um estudo sobre a inteligência artificial na educação / Letícia Mirelli Faleiro e Silva

    Transparency of artificial intelligence systems as an expression of the right to be informed / Malgorzata Duda-Smialek

    Sucesión de bienes digitales. Consideraciones sobre el derecho alemán y polaco / Patryk Kania

    Artificial intelligence algorithms and the prohibition of discrimination / Kinga Sabina Zielinska. Alicja Fandrejewska

    Artificial intelligence and the freedom of association / Joanna Unterschütz

    Inteligencia artificial y el problema de exclusión de cierta categoría de clientes en el ejemplo del mercado de seguros. Cuestiones seleccionadas / Monika Szaraniec

    Ley aplicable en materia de responsabilidad por daño causado en accidentes de circulación con participación de vehículos autónomos / Mariusz Fras

    Challenges of smart contracts in contract law – do algorithmic tools undermine human autonomy? / Agnieszka Kubiak Cyrul

    Artificial intelligence in the workplace through the prism of Article 8 of the Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms / Michal Baranski

    Contemporary neo-luddism in the digital transformation of employment / Kinga Piwowarska

    Derechos humanos e inteligencia artificial: una reflexión necesaria / Nivea Corcino Locatelli Braga

    Artificial intelligence and the protection of the right to life in law enforcement operations / Marcin Marcinko

    Artificial intelligence in the context of crime and criminal justice system – A threat for the rights of the accused? / Agata Ziobron

     Social minimum: the last bastion of legal protection for people vulnerable to the digital economy / Thiago Santos Rocha

    The Cheshire cat, or a few words about the concept of legal personality of artificial intelligence / Gabriela Bar

    The real problems with patents for AI-related inventions and human rights / Iga Balos

    Legal restrictions on the production and use of sex-robots and sexual human rights – selected issues / Kamil Szpyt

    Tax compliance: responsibility assigned to artificial intelligence / Débora Manke Vieira - Fabrizio Bon Vecchio

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