European private internacional law

European private internacional law. 9788409616480

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Resumen del libro

This work presents the updated content of current European prívate internatíonal law.

It ¡s, in fact, a book of law written by several authors from Spain and Italy: professors Alfonso-Luis Calvo Caravaca, Javier Carrascosa González, Silvia Marino, María Asunción Cebrián Salvat and Isabel Lorente Martínez.

This book, in its second edition, is intended for anyone interested in studying and f leamingabout the prívate internatíonal law system of the European Union. In this sense, it ‘ attempts to clearly explain the fundamental structures of this fascinating branch of law as [ well as to convey a series of interesting, intuitive, constructive and brilliant ideas that may [ set the course for the future.

This book understands EU prívate internatíonal law as a product of the culture of [ European society. European prívate international law is not a mere set of rules, a series of I European regulations that come out of nowhere: it is a very important part of the (legal) culture of Europe; it is a cultural product that is part of European civilisation. In this sense,

I the authors believe in Europe and in the valúes that Europe has represented for more than I two hundred years. We believe in Europe as an ideal of a free and diverse society made up I of free and diverse people. This book is a tribute to freedom – to freedom of movement of persons, families, goods, capitals, companies and Services, and also a homage to business I freedom in a market economy. It is a tribute to prívate international law, which makes all thesefreedoms possible.