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Handbook of Spanish Business Law

Handbook of Spanish Business Law ampliar imagen

  • Serrano Acitores, Antonio.
  • Muñoz Pérez, Ana Felicitas.
  • Martínez Rosado, Javier.
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    • Editorial: Tecnos
    • ISBN: 978-84-309-7354-5
    • Páginas: 309
    • Dimensiones: 17 cm x 24 cm
    • Plaza de edición: Madrid , España
    • Encuadernación: Rústica
    • Idiomas: Inglés
    • Fecha de la edición: 2018
    • Edición: 2ª ed.


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    Resumen del libro

    The Handbook of Spanish Business Law has been written for hundreds of students who benefit from the increasinginternationalization of Spanish universities. Business Law is taught in English in a wide variety of degrees (among others, Law, Economics, Business Administration and Tourism). In addition, it is worth noting that not only foreign students (many of them with the support of the Erasmus Program) choose the course in English, but also hundreds of students whose mother tongue is Spanish.

    Thus, this handbook has been written in very clear and simple language, avoiding lists of scholar's quotations and jurisprudential references, and focusing on the law, its rationale and problems with implementation. This way, the reader has a handbook that provides a complete and updated view of Spanish Business Law. Furthermore, it should be a helpful instrument for foreign researchers, scholars, lawyers and practitioners seeking an introduction to the realm of the Spanish Business Law.


    PART I

    Chapter 1: legal regimen of business and entrepreneur

    Chapter 2: business and business premises

    Chapter 3: the individual entrepreneur

    Chapter 4: professional duties of the entrepreneur

    Chapter 5: competition and unfair competition law

    Chapter 6: industrial property


    Chapter 7: company law. General theory

    Chapter 8: general partnerships, simple limited liability partnership, silent partnership

    Chapter 9: capital companies (I): constitution

    Chapter 10: capital companies (II): financing capital companies

    Chapter 11: capital companies (III): stakes and shares

    Chapter 12: capital companies (IV): bodies

    Chapter 13: capital companies (V): financial statements

    Chapter 14: capital companies (VI): amendments to the by-laws

    Chapter 15: capital companies (VII): exit and exclusion of partners or shareholders. Dissolution and liquidation of the company

    Chapter 16: other commercial companies. Groups of companies

    Chapter 17: structural changes in commercial companies


    Chapter 18: trade securities


    Chapter 19: an introduction to commercial obligations and contracts

    Chapter 20: mercantile sale-purchase agreement

    Chapter 21: collaboration and distribution agreements

    Chapter 22: insurance agreement

    Chapter 23: transportation agreement

    Chapter 24: financial agreements (markets and banking)

    PART V

    Chapter 25: business insolvency proceedings

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