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History of Spanish Institutions

Synthetic notes and main general aspects

History of Spanish Institutions ampliar imagen

  • Cobo del Rosal, Gabriela.
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    • Editorial: Dykinson
    • ISBN: 978-84-9085-737-3
    • ISBN electrónico: 978-84-9085-737-3
    • Páginas: 61
    • Plaza de edición: Madrid
    • Idiomas: Inglés
    • Fecha de la edición: 2015
    • Edición: 1ª ed.

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    Resumen del libro

    Following notes are the result of an already long teaching expierience in the bilingual programms in which students belonging to Human Sciences needed to study certain aspects of  Spanish history in English having the lack of a synthetic publication to keep up the classes. 

    Here we have gathered the basic contents of the Spanish public institutions in order to acheive a basic knowledge throughout history. These notes are fundamentally thought for students therefore the contents are very basic and synthesized. 

    Following pages have an intelectual debt with the authors of two Spanish reference manuals in the current subject: José Antonio Escudero, Curso de Historia del Derecho, Fuentes e Instituciones Político-administrativas, Madrid, 2003 y Bruno Aguilera Barchet, Historia y Derecho, Barcelona, 1999. 

    From both prestigious authors come all the texts, main ideas, great part of the structure used and surely the most valuable aspects of following pages. Our role in this work has been esential and activity of translating and synthezising their manual. 



    The origins of the Historic Age: the Neolithic Revolution and their consequences.

    The beginning of the historic Age: the emergence of a civilization.

    Iberian Peninsula before the arrival of the Romans: peoples and cultures

    Society and politics in Pre-roman Spain.

    Social Institutions in Early Spain.

    Links of public solidarity without the family: hospitality treaties, clients and Iberian Devotio.

    Political Institutions: kings and assemblies

    Political Regime of the Colonies: Phoenicians, Greeks and the Carthagineans. 


    Historical introduction about Rome.

    Growing stages of the power and prestige of the Romans: from the Origins (753 B.C.) until the constitution of Empire (I century B.C.).       

    Imperial Era: centuries I B.C.-III A.D.

    Spain in Rome.

    Provincial Regime.      

    The provincial government: the governor and the assemblies

    Roman municipal regime in Hispania.

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    • January 2017. Kingston (Jamaica)


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      Útil para enseñanza de Historia de Administración de España para angloparlantes

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