Iniciatives to educational and teaching innovation

Iniciatives to educational and teaching innovation. 9788411704526
  • Editorial: Dykinson
  • ISBN: 9788411704526
  • ISBN electrónico: 978-84-1170-452-6
  • Páginas: 363
  • Plaza de edición: Madrid , España
  • Idiomas: Inglés
  • Fecha de la edición: 2023
  • Edición: 1ª ed.
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Iniciatives to educational and teaching innovation

  • Bonilla Quijada, Mª del Rocío. Coordinador
  • García Bellido, Mª Rosario. Coordinador
  • Rey‐Stolle Valcarce, Mª Fernanda. Coordinador
  • Villagrasa Sebastián, Victoria. Coordinador
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    Resumen del libro

    It is a privilege to present you with this stimulating book, which brings together an exceptional selection of ideas, experiences and reflections resulting from the meeting of a wide range of innovative educators from different corners of the world, at the invitation of the San Pablo CEU Foundation (an educational institution with more than 25 centres in Spain), whose teaching staff contributed many of the cases and experiences. From this point of view, these pages are the result of an international exchange of knowledge and perspectives in which educational professionals have come together to explore and share new ways of teaching and learning.

    In a constantly evolving educational context, today’s challenges require transformative approaches and creative solutions. Teachers, as agents of change, are faced with the exciting task of preparing future generations for an ever‐ changing world. This book shows us concrete operational results of how practitioners from different countries and cultures are leading the way towards more meaningful and relevant education.

    These pages will take you on a journey of educational innovation at all levels of education. From pre‐school to higher education, each chapter offers a unique look at cutting‐edge educational practices and transformative projects. You will discover how teachers around the world are effectively integrating technology, encouraging critical thinking, promoting collaboration, and adapting their methods to meet the needs and aspirations of their students.

    This book not only highlights the diversity of approaches and experiences, but also highlights the importance of a global dialogue on educational innovation. By exploring successful practices in different contexts, it reveals new ideas, strategies and approaches that challenge the traditional boundaries of education. Through this diversity of perspectives, we realise that our educational goals are common: to foster critical thinking, cultivate creativity, develop social skills, and prepare students to meet the challenges of the 21st century.

    Each author in this book makes a valuable contribution from his or her experience and knowledge, nurturing our understanding of teacher innovation globally. Their reflections and achievements inspire us to question our practices, to seek new ways of engaging students, and to forge a brighter educational future.

    As you immerse yourself in these pages, we encourage you to draw on the wealth of knowledge and experiences shared, to challenge your own preconceptions, and to explore new possibilities in your teaching practice.

    This book is a call to action, to become ‐ even more ‐ agents of change in our own educational communities. Together, we can transform education and prepare future generations for an ever‐changing world ‐ go ahead, be part of this inspiring global education revolution!